Map & Directions

United Church of Christ of Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill United Church of Christ

10 West Monument Street

Pleasant Hill, Ohio 45359

We are at the intersection of Monument and Church Streets.

Directions from Interstate 75:

Use exit 73.  Turn towards Troy at the end of the exit ramp.  Turn left at the traffic light at Arthur Drive.  Take the next left onto State Route 718 and follow the directions below.

Directions from State Route 48:

Travel to Pleasant Hill, Ohio and drive to the monument in the middle of the street.  Turn right (west) if the soldier on the monument is facing you.  Turn left (west) if you are looking at the back of the soldier.

Directions from State Route 718:

Travel to Pleasant Hill, Ohio.  If you are coming from the west, you will notice the church on your left as you approach the monument from one block away.  If you are coming from the east (Troy), proceed safely through the intersection at the monument (SR48) and travel one more block.  We are on the right side of the street at the next corner (Church Street).